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Spearhead Machinery

As one of Europe’s leading designers and manufacturers of large-scale mowers and mulchers, Spearhead has been at the top of their game since 1988.

Spearhead understands how quality, professional and well-designed equipment helps increase productivity and gives great results.

Spearhead creates tough machinery that is reliable, whatever the terrain.

Which Spearhead Products Are Suitable?

Spearhead has an impressive stock list.

They design and manufacture a wide range of equipment.

Large scale mowing and mulching are more efficient with their products.

If you look after a golf course, amenity land and even airfields, then there will a Spearhead product will be suitable for you.

If you have a harvest-based role, then there is a range of products that will help you. This includes crop stubble management which helps with productivity and also has environmental benefits.

Quality, Specification, Performance

Rotary mowers include the Agricut range with some impressive and varied specifications. If you use reach mowers, then Spearhead’s Twiga range is one that might help you. From compact to orbital, there will be a machine that performs just how you need it to.

Self-propelled machinery is also manufactured by Spearhead, along with the Sniper range of flail mowers.

Amenity mowers are powerful pieces of kit: the Rollicut range has a number of models suitable for bigger jobs.

And for forestry work, the Destroyer range is made by Spearhead for this technically challenging task.

Spearhead – Made in Britain

With such a strong agricultural heritage in Great Britain, it’s hardly surprising that Spearhead design and manufacture their goods at their UK-based Evesham site.

Patented Blade System

The Spearhead Starcut blade system is patented and with some products there is a five-year warranty. Spearhead products meet exacting British safety standards.

spearhead machinery

Why Spearhead

Spearhead is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of large rotary mowers. They are also a specialist provide of mowing equipment.

Middlewich Machinery can help with supplying, servicing and repairing Spearhead products and attachments.

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